Swap (XWP) is a privacy coin that uses the CryptoNote protocol for secure transactions. It has a total supply of 18,400,000 XWP and uses the Cuckaroo29s Cycle PoW algorithm with a 15-second block time regulated by the Monero DAA.

The progressive proof of work algorithm, Cuckoo, improves block propagation speed and network stability. The BulletProof technology decreases cryptographic proof sizes. The transaction fee is reasonable, incentivizing network security and discouraging empty block mining.

Swap is feeless and born without governance fees, with no pre-mine, a limited supply, and a non-linear emission curve. It is available for mining using various miners such as GMiner, NBMiner, lolMiner, and more. It is listed on various exchanges such as TradeOgre, Graviex, and more.

Swap: A CryptoNote Coin Secured by Cuckoo

Swap is the first CryptoNote coin that utilizes the power of Cuckoo for network security. Cuckoo is a simple proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm, making it the easiest one to understand. With a complete specification of just 42 lines, it is much smaller than SHA256 or Blake2b. Despite its simplicity, finding a 42-cycle is not easy and requires considerable resources.

Cuckoo: The Most Efficient Cycle Finder

The first step in the Cuckoo process is to eliminate edges that are not part of a cycle, which is 99.9% of the network. The second step is a backtracking graph traversal to find all cycles. Swap uses 32-edge trimming cycles for maximum efficiency.

Miners only need 1 bit per edge and 1 bit per node, making the mining process lean and efficient. With a simple mining method and decreased server overhead, the processing is made even more efficient.

Swap: A CryptoNote and Cuckaroo Hybrid

Swap is a hybrid of CryptoNote and Cuckaroo. It uses CryptoNote for transactions with its anonymous features and user-friendly interface while adopting Cuckaroo for mining with superior network protection and stability.

CryptoNight mining is vulnerable to attacks from FPGA and ASIC, but with Cuckaroo, the network is protected from these threats. There are two variations of Cuckoo used in Swap: Cuckaroo29s with 32 cycles and Cuckaroo29 with 42 cycles. Both have similar performance outputs.

For more information on Cuckoo, refer to the Cuckoo Whitepaper on GitHub. The development of the algorithm is ongoing, and there are bounties available for those who can improve its performance. These include a CPU speedup bounty of $10,000, a linear time-memory trade-off bounty of $10,000, a GPU speedup bounty of $5,000, and a Siphash bounty of $5,000.


CryptoNote is a privacy protocol designed to enhance the security of blockchain transactions.

CryptoNote whitepaper

Transaction Technology CryptoNote uses ring signatures to protect users’ privacy while verifying transactions. This requires multiple public keys to sign a transaction anonymously. The identity of the sender and receiver is only known to the signers while the network verifies the transaction.

The protocol includes anti-double-spending measures by linking transactions to a private key through a key image derived from a private key. The network verifies each transaction against the key image to ensure that it is not a double-spending attempt. The identity of the sender remains unknown, as it is not possible to retrieve a private key from an image.

CryptoNote also creates unique one-time addresses for each payment from a unique public key. The sender generates a one-time key using random data and the receiver’s public address. The funds can only be redeemed by the receiver using their private key, as the connection between the one-time key and the public address remains hidden from third parties.

Supply and Emission CryptoNote was launched on November 16, 2018, at 9:06:03 UTC, with a total supply of 18,400,000 XWP.

The emission chart features a tail emission phase which begins when the block reward drops below the tail emission block reward. During this phase, the block reward will remain constant at 0.075 Swap. The tail emission phase will start roughly eight years after the genesis block after around 16,000,000 blocks have been found. During tail emission, 157,680 coins will be mined each year.

Swap (XWP) team

The Swap team is made up of talented individuals from around the world who are dedicated to the development and success of this community-driven cryptocurrency.

The team is led by Sebastian Green, who brings extensive experience in software development to the table. Long Huynh, the network operations specialist, has a background in quality assurance and plays an important role in code review and testing. Reeyon, a seasoned IT project manager, brings his expertise in wireless, network, and virtualization server infrastructure to the team. Hardware developer, Ryan, is passionate about crypto and hardware development, and Antonios Papadakis is a dedicated developer who is committed to the success of this and other open-source crypto projects.

The Swap team is working to create a powerful and secure cryptocurrency for the community.

What is Hivemapper, and how does it work?

Hivemapper is a decentralized global mapping platform that rewards users with Honey tokens for contributing to its development. Users can earn tokens by plotting routes on maps and recording videos of these routes. Others can purchase these videos if they need help with navigation. The Hivemapper founders make money by selling car recorders at a cost similar to an airplane wing.

What is the main benefit of using Hivemapper?

Hivemapper provides a unique and simple way for users to earn rewards for contributing to a decentralized global mapping platform. It is an innovative solution for those who need help with navigation and those who want to earn money by creating video content.

How do I start earning Honey tokens with Hivemapper? To earn Honey tokens, you need to purchase a Hivemapper recorder and record videos of routes you plot on maps. Once your videos are verified and approved, they will be available for others to purchase, and you will earn Honey tokens as a reward.

Is there a limit to how many Honey tokens I can earn?

There is no limit to how many Honey tokens you can earn with Hivemapper. The more videos you create and the more they are purchased, the more tokens you will earn.

Is Hivemapper available in all countries?

Hivemapper is currently in beta testing and availability may be limited in certain countries. Check the Hivemapper website for more information on availability in your region.