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Blockchain and Crypto Currency: Building a High Quality Marketplace for Crypto Data

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Writer: Makoto Yano

Price: Free

Blockchain and Crypto Currency: Building a High Quality Marketplace for Crypto Data

A cyber ecosystem supported by blockchain technology, in which technology and people can coexist in harmony, is contributed to by this open-access book. The decentralization of the recording process, made possible by creating a ledger of data through blockchain technology, is expected to significantly economize the cost of transactions. The theory of market quality proposed and developed by M. Yano is examined in the book for forming markets for various data types. The status of data as a new production factor is expected to be given by blockchains, and the possibility of information leakage, the enhancement of the sharing and use of IoT data, and the prevention of data monopoly and misuse is reduced by bringing ownership of data to the hands of data producers. The industry is expected to have a bright future as soon as better technology is developed and a healthy infrastructure is created to support the blockchain market.

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Writer: Sam Samie

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How To Choose An Online Trading Platform Like A Pro?

Thanks to the internet and technology, you don’t have to pick up the phone and dial your broker’s phone number to buy and sell shares. A wise question arises here: “Which trading platform should I use?”

In-depth tips on choosing an online trading platform like a pro.

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Writer: Sam Samie

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Investing For Beginners: Quickstart Guide On Stock Market, Forex Trading, Futures, Etfs And Cryptocurrency

Are you planning to enter the world of investment?

Are you interested in Options Trading?

Do you want to improve your investment strategies?

Don’t worry. This book has got you covered.

They say wealth doesn’t grow on trees, but the concept is similar to how a tree grows, i.e., it takes time. We all want to be wealthy, but the problem is that we don’t want to go through the process as a tree grows. We are looking for quick fixes and rugs to reach stories we read about every day, which doesn’t make things any easier for us. Think about it; we all want to hear the stories of success but don’t want to hear about the number of times those successful guys failed.

Here’s a Preview of What You Will Learn…

What Is Investing?

Why Try Investing?

How To Start Investing

Basics Of Stocks Investing

Basics Of Mutual Fund Investing

Basics Of Forex Investing

Basics Of Property Investing

The Portfolio

And more…

Whether you grew up in a family of wealthy investors or are just interested in learning the basics of what it takes, this book is for you! Everyone has to start somewhere, so why should you cause pain to yourself by attempting to read complicated jargon that makes absolutely no sense? No one has that much time to waste, and you certainly don’t!

Get this book today!!

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Writer: Deepak Gupta

Price: Free

Blockchain Technology: The Future of Cryptocurrency, Metaverse, NFT, Defi & Web 3.0

Getting rich overnight was a dream until
blockchain was introduced in our cultured world. Still, it’s sheer injustice to Blockchain Technology if we only appreciate the concept of Cryptocurrency only. When bitcoin commenced its journey in 2009, Some people bought Bitcoins and became millionaires in a few years. Now, the crypto bubble has been rising like fire in the woods but is it legitimate according to every country’s Government, where only a few will get money, and more will lose? The question of legalization and accepting Blockchain is churning the minds of everyone where there’s a lot of the hustle and bustle in the market. The possibility of impossibility attracts many investors worldwide, and the bubble is getting huge every day. 

Blockchain Technology has also given birth to Metaverse, NFTs, Decentralized Finance, and web 3.0, and people are noting them as a future technology, but how much we can rely on them, that’s a brilliant question!

The first implementation of Blockchain Technology was done in Jan 2009 when Bitcoin launched as the first real-world implementation. And someone mentioned it right. There’s always a first-mover advantage on the internet. No one had ever thought that a few bitcoins for just a few bucks could make anyone a millionaire in very little time.

Suppose if we eliminate money from blockchain technology, most people will run away with their money. We aren’t thinking negatively but practically. Blockchain Technology book is based on a practical and feasible approach to understanding whether it’s undoubtedly water or a mirage in the desert. You will learn and penetrate the following concepts in this book:

1. Blockchain Technology: Understanding the Futuristic Opportunity

2. Cryptocurrency: The Present and Future!

3. Stocks or Cryptocurrency: Which One is Most Reliable?

4. Blind Follow Sheep Walk in Crypto!

5. Money Generation: Who will Claim the Returns First?

6. Will Cryptocurrency Ever Reach the Future? Or Does it Deserve a Future?

7. NFTs: Non-Fungible Tokens

8. Can You Sell NFTs? How Feasible is the Idea! Why Should Someone Buy a Digital File?

9. Metaverse

10. Is Metaverse Possible in the 21st Century?

11. Decentralised Finance: Defi

12. Can You Keep Your Money as Defi!

13. Web 3.0: The Third Generation of the Internet