SafeSun Protocol is an autonomous yield and liquidity generation protocol with a locked LP, industry-standard security, and best-in-the-market tokenomics system. It rewards holders and is built on transparency and trust.

SafeSun is programmed to be 100% community driven with a fair launch, locked LP, and burned team tokens. It uses an RFI static rewards system, allowing users to earn SafeSun tokens simply by holding coins in their wallets.

SafeSun has a limited token supply of 1 trillion coins, with 50% of these already burned after launch, and continues to burn coins, making it an inherently deflationary protocol. It is a smart contract-based crypto using the BEP-20 interface, making it secure and immutable.

The SafeSun team has many other investment projects in line for its investors, including 2 NFTs and a decentralized exchange called SunSwap coming soon. SafeSun has been audited and is 100% safe. Its mission is to reduce CO2 emissions and their impact on the environment.

SafeSun has unmatched transparency, utility, and general economics and runs on deflationary economics that will keep its value higher than its competitors. The token distribution shows a circulating supply of 490 billion coins.

SafeSun Protocol FAQs:

What is SafeSun?

SafeSun is a project aimed at eliminating CO2 emissions through a roadmap that includes multiple exchanges, launching its own exchange SunSwap, and developing two future NFT projects, one AI-based for data aggregation and diagnosis.

Is liquidity locked for SafeSun?

Yes, liquidity for SafeSun is locked for three years. For more specific information, refer to the SafeSun website.

What is the official contract address/website for SafeSun?

The official contract address for SafeSun is 0xA03C3a233940485D46eE77407343DA3221198427. Be aware of scam contracts that mimic SafeSun’s name and attempt to deceive people into investing in a fake project.

Why does the dollar amount and symbol not show on Trust Wallet/Metamask for SafeSun?

SafeSun is still a new project since its launch a few weeks ago, and the required information has been submitted for updates. The dollar amount and symbol not showing on Trust Wallet/Metamask are dependent on their integration into their application.

Is SafeSun on CMC or CoinGecko?

SafeSun is listed on CMC, but the listing needs to be updated with up-to-date data. SafeSun is waiting for CoinGecko’s approval.

Where can I view the price chart for SafeSun?

To view the price chart for SafeSun, visit PooCoin Charts for live updates.

Is SafeSun associated with SafeMoon?

SafeSun is a completely separate entity with a different team and mission compared to SafeMoon.

What makes SafeSun different from other alt coins?

SafeSun’s limited token supply of 1 trillion and over 50% of tokens burned make it an inherently deflationary protocol, unlike its competitors, which are inflationary due to their unlimited supply.