Creepz is a multi-drop ecosystem where players earn $loomi to access art and experiences. It is a game where players play the role of Creepz, the bad guys in the galaxy, and there are six breeds of Creepz with varying strengths and skills.

Players can stake their Creepz army in the invasion to yield $loomi and use the $loomi to upgrade their lizard army and increase their yield. Shapeshifters are the OVERLORD’s loyal disciples who keep order on earth, and each shapeshifter character has five variations.

Players can collect all 5 of a single character to sacrifice them to the OVERLORD, who will mutate the characters into a mega-rare animated NFT of that character. Spin the Mystery Box for ancient OVERLORD artifacts, and the artifacts give you points on the leaderboard and can also unveil a “Shard.”

Where do I buy Loomi

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