Introduction is a cryptocurrency portfolio management platform that aims to create a unified portal for the entire crypto industry. Its goal is to connect customers with every custody solution and liquidity provider to facilitate seamless portfolio management. Shrimpy was established in 2018 when the founders were tired of manually managing their portfolios across various exchanges. Since then, the company has been committed to providing a robust platform to connect customers to their preferred exchanges and wallets.


Shrimpy has integrated with over 20 different exchanges and liquidity providers. This broad integration enables customers to manage their portfolios across multiple exchanges without manual tracking. Shrimpy also offers automated portfolio rebalancing and asset allocation tools that make it easier for customers to manage their investments.

Shrimpy integrates with various popular cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance,, Bittrex, Bittrex Global, Coinbase,, Gemini, Huobi Global, Kraken, and KuCoin. This allows users to easily manage their entire crypto portfolio in one place without switching between multiple exchange accounts.

In addition to exchange support, Shrimpy offers integration with various popular wallets such as 1inch Wallet, Coinomi, Ellipal, Guarda, Huobi Wallet, Julwallet, Ledger Live, Metamask, Rainbow, SafePal, Spatium, TokenPocket, and Unstoppable. This integration lets users easily track their balances across different wallets and receive automatic balance updates, making portfolio management a breeze.

Trade Volume

Shrimpy has a substantial trade volume, with over $13 billion in trade volume to date. This high trade volume is a testament to the effectiveness of the platform and the trust it has garnered from its customers.

Trades Per Day

Shrimpy handles more than 250,000 trades daily, a testament to the platform’s reliability and scalability.

Core Values

Shrimpy’s core values center on collaboration, innovation, customer loyalty, and speed. The company values collaborative thinking, taking calculated risks, earning customer loyalty daily, and adapting quickly to changing market conditions.


Shrimpy’s team comprises more than 20 experts from different fields, including business, engineering, and design. The team’s combined efforts drive the development of the platform’s core products.

Key people are:

Michael McCarty – CEO & Co-founder: Michael is responsible for leading the company’s vision and strategy. He has experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency and previously worked as a data analyst.

Victor Bay – Head of Operations: Victor oversees the daily operations of the company, including customer support, business development, and partnerships. He has experience in financial services and previously worked as a hedge fund analyst.

Nishant Nayudu – Head of Infrastructure: Nishant is responsible for the company’s technical infrastructure, including the development of the platform and its scalability. He has experience in software engineering and previously worked at Amazon Web Services.

Pricing offers three different pricing plans to meet the needs of other users: Free, Standard, and plus. Here are the details of each pricing plan:

FeaturesFree PlanStandard PlanPlus Plan
CostZero$19 per month$49 per month
Number of ExchangesOneFive25
Number of PortfoliosOneFiveTen
Number of AutomationOneFiveTen
Balance Refresh Time20 minutes15 minutes10 minutes
Backtests Per DayThree25100
Rebalance PeriodsLimited to 1 dayCustomizableCustomizable
Dynamic IndexingNoYesYes
Portfolio Stop LossNoYesYes
Portfolio Dollar Cost AveragingNoYesYes
Reduce Fees with Maker TradesNoYesYes
API AccessNoYesYes dashboard

Product Overview

Shrimpy is an efficient and comprehensive portfolio management solution for novice and expert crypto investors. It provides various power tools and features to help decrease the risks of investing in the volatile cryptocurrency market. With Shrimpy, investors can take control of their financial future through customizable strategies, backtesting, in-depth historical analysis, and much more.

The platform offers a simple and intuitive dashboard that allows users to view their entire crypto portfolio and track their performance in real time. Shrimpy also enables users to manage all their exchange accounts in one place and automatically track balance changes to hardware and software wallets.

In addition to these features, Shrimpy allows users to separate accounts into multiple virtual portfolios and provides advanced automation capabilities. Users can automate strategies trusted by institutions for decades to reduce risk and improve performance. They can also automatically index the DeFi market, copy the portfolios of top funds, or build a custom index.

Shrimpy’s smart rebalancing feature ensures that every rebalance is precisely executed using its advanced smart order routing engine. Dollar-cost averaging is another feature that automatically injects funds into the portfolio with the desired allocations every time funds are deposited into the account.

Shrimpy also provides a smart trading terminal that lets users quickly swap assets in and out of their portfolio. Their smart order routing feature automatically routes trades through the optimal pairs, ensuring users receive the best price when swapping assets. Additionally, users can view historical price data, market cap information, and statistics through a simple asset trading dashboard.

Finally, Shrimpy offers a comprehensive history tab that allows users to view the history of changes they have made to their portfolios. They can view and sort their history by rebalances, strategy updates, stop losses, and dollar-cost averages. Overall, Shrimpy provides efficient tools for crypto portfolio management that can help investors make informed decisions and minimize risks in the cryptocurrency market.

Frequently asked questions about

What is is a cryptocurrency portfolio management platform offering tools and services for investors to manage their digital assets. With Shrimpy, investors can link multiple cryptocurrency exchange accounts and wallets, manage their portfolios with customizable strategies, automate trades based on various parameters, and access historical market data and analysis.

Where is located? is a web-based platform for cryptocurrency portfolio management. As a digital platform, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. However, the company behind, Shrimpy Technologies, LLC, is based in Santa Clara, California, USA.

Is secure? takes several measures to ensure the security of its users’ assets and personal information. The platform uses two-factor authentication, SSL encryption, and OAuth, which allows users to grant permission to third-party apps without sharing their passwords.

Shrimpy also has a security page on its website that details its security practices and provides tips for users to enhance their security. The company has never reported any major security breaches, and they have a bug bounty program that rewards users who report vulnerabilities.

Is free?

Yes, offers a free plan for users who are just getting started with cryptocurrency portfolio management. The free plan includes essential features such as one exchange, one portfolio, and one automation. However, for users who need more advanced features, also offers paid plans with varying levels of functionality at a monthly or annual cost.

Are crypto bots like worth it?

Whether a crypto bot like is worth it depends on individual preferences and circumstances. can be a valuable tool for managing a cryptocurrency portfolio, providing features such as automated rebalancing, dollar-cost averaging, and dynamic indexing. These features can help optimize portfolio performance and reduce risk.

Last update: 23. Feb.2023