Meet the Minds Behind RobotaLife

The innovators driving our mission to democratize trading

Nima Aksoy

Co-Founder and CEO

Serial entrepreneur and proven leader taking RobotaLife to new heights through vision and expertise.

Ali Azimpour

Co-Founder and CTO

Technical mastermind overseeing development of RobotaLife’s industry-leading trading automation platform.

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer
Masih Moghaddam

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

Talented UX/UI designer and product expert focused on crafting seamless user experiences.

Empowering Traders,Elevating Opportunities

At RobotaLife, we’re more than just a trading platform – we’re a passionate team dedicated to redefining the way you approach crypto and financial markets. Our journey began with a shared love for cryptocurrencies and a commitment to building innovative solutions that make trading smarter, simpler, and more accessible.

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Accessible Trading for All

We are committed to providing a user-friendly crypto trading platform that's accessible to everyone.

Priority on Safety

We prioritize the safety of every trader's hard-earned assets, ensuring peace of mind.

Sharing Knowledge

At RobotaLife, we believe in democratizing trading knowledge, enabling newcomers to replicate expert traders' success effortlessly.

Pioneering Innovation

We are driven by a commitment to continuous innovation, constantly seeking new and improved ways to enhance your trading experience.